Aimglobal South Africa



Well it has long been coming and Network Marketers have been observing and waiting. They saw what the product did in West Africa and how it has helped many people.

This is a fairy tale of Products that sell themselves. I am not the best of sellers but here the product is not waiting for me it is selling itself. The rules are simple; consume the product and let it run in your veins. You will have your story. It will not be a seller talk it will be authentic and you will simply call all those namesakes who feel what you felt.
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My story is also in one of the blogs. My story has been my script and I enjoy seeing what the products are doing to my body. In as much as I enjoy to be people conscious I am learning also to be product conscious. We are not howling at anyone with company consciousness. We encourage everyone to be the best customer of the product. People hate a seller talk but they love a good story with a good ending. I am also a story and work in progress as I enjoy each and every product consume.

You can come and enjoy developing downlines and new Network Marketers because as soon as they consume the product they have a story to tell. I have been trained the old fashioned rush people recruiting to become distributors but I see a new habit in the making; I enjoy retail for the first time. It feels good to run out of stock.
My fellow Crosslines in Kenya, Nigeria; Ghana; Ivory Coast; Uganda and Philipines are very excited for South Africa. We have opened a Africa Crosslines Whatsapp groups and we share slides of each country we enjoy the maturity in the group. We have become true Social Entrepreneurs; when you consume this product you feel like giving back to others. Downlines become a bonus after we faithfully use the product and enjoy it.

One other thing we are blessed with Superior Health through the use of these products. We are productive in our own spaces and in our day to day chores. I can have meetings in one day and still make a video and write a blog. Now we call that Superior Health.
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Ok let me give you rest; once you join us you will read longer blogs.

Here is my video below