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AIM Global Opportunity Presentation

AIM Global Opportunity Presentation

AIM Global Opportunity Presentation is a time-stamped presentation that will assist you to tackle individually any topic in the middle of the presentation. We are helping New Comers to save time and we are also helping the teams to be able to pick up topics whenever they need to remind themselves of any issue in the presentation.

AIM Global Opportunity Presentation was done in South African Rands and may not be fully up to date on the latest pricing. We hope it helps to give a guideline on how the idea of our business opportunity is structured. Just click the numbers which are the time stamps next to any topic you might need.

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The advantages of multiple accounts

The pdf addition below is credited to our South African leader Amos Baloyi. If you are serious about going big you are encouraged to attend his zoom presentations where he explains more about the advantages of multiple accounts as shown below. We will confirm his training schedules when you contact us.

AIM Global Opportunity Presentation will assist you to understand the three programs of AIM Global which are Empowered Consumerism, Economy Driver Plan 2.0, and Roadmap To Success. This presentation is not a once-off presentation but a project document that as a Distributor you will use every day.