AIM Global Opportunity Presentation

AIM Global Opportunity Presentation

AIM Global Opportunity Presentation is a time-stamped presentation that will assist you to tackle individually any topic in the middle of the presentation. We are helping New Comers to save time and we are also helping the teams to be able to pick up topics whenever they need to remind themselves of any issue in the presentation.

AIM Global Opportunity Presentation was done in South African Rands and may not be fully up to date on the latest pricing. We hope it helps to give a guideline on how the idea of our business opportunity is structured. Just click the numbers which are the time stamps next to any topic you might need.

00:00 Prayer and Meditation

01:15 Welcoming and introduction

02:45 Alliance in Motion Global Intro

03:09 Our website

04:05 Introducing the founders

07:09 First-ever Daily Income Payout Program

07:40 Self Made multi-millionaires created

08:20 Awards to our CEO and Company

09:27 The Impact of Network Marketing Industry

12:58 Introducing Wellness Industry – Aging is a disease

15:40 5 Pillars of Age-Related Diseases

17:20 How much would you pay for your body vs your house vs your car

17:50 Prevalence of chronic conditions expressed in percentages vs age

19:10 Percentage distribution of 10 leading causes of death

20:05 List of people who have reversed their biological years through wellness

21:45 The Wellness Revolution as seen by Paul Zane Pilzer

22:34 The Manufacturing Partners of Alliance in Motion

24:10 Factors that cause Free Radical Damage

25:30 Balanced diet according to the WHO

26:08 Technology of our products

27:36 Introducing C247 Natura Ceuticals

31:33 Restorlyf

32:34 Complete Phyto Energizer

32:44 Choleduz

33:08 Vidamaxx

33:27 ED Plan 2.0 Marketing plan

33:55 Nine reasons why most people do this business

34:53 Impact of Covid-19 on households

39:05 Streams of Income on Mega Pack

40:20 One center at R3380

40:38 Retail Sales – income stream 1

41:09 Direct Sponsoring – Income stream 2

42:08 Matched Sales Bonus – 3rd income stream

44:30 Three centers at R10 140.00

46:08 Seven centers at R23 660.00

47:13 Unilevel Bonus- 4th income stream

47:40 Unipay Plan – extra 4th income stream

48:19 Stairstep Overriding commissions

49:40 Royalty Income

50:13 NPP Package

51:13 Global Package and Mega Package

52:00 Global Pack earnings

52:29 All Packages Inclusion

56:28 End presentation

AIM Global Opportunity Presentation will assist you to understand the three programs of AIM Global which are Empowered Consumerism, Economy Driver Plan 2.0, and Roadmap To Success. This presentation is not a once-off presentation but a project document that as a Distributor you will use every day.