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Before we ask about AIM Global launch in South Africa I would like to share where it all began, and how far down the line are we today. When I arrived to start the AIM Global business here, there were quite a few challenges. We already found out that registration of our products will entail filling an online form at the medicinal council, we did that, waited to be told what else to do but got no reply, no one in the office could tell us what else to do.

Joy Evans AIM Global Elite Ambassador

Through the ambassador of Botswana to Nigeria, I got in contact with a very wonderful and wise young man who took over the registration aspect of our business, while I continued to work at seminar and outreaches and has continued the work till today, He has become our country manager while helping the company to officially launch. It’s not been an easy journey but we are in the last lap of concluding the registration so we can launch

When I arrived in South Africa, I was already booked for a seminar in Polokwane. Thanks to Leader Leburu who worked hard to convince Big Joe to join our network, Big Joe Introduced Leader Rampedi and Leader Rampedi brought a young man from Jane Furse called Mr. William.

Leader L O Leburu in Manila Philippines

The first day of the seminar was magic, I saw the hunger in the eyes of the people. Many were there who had done networking and had nothing to show for it.

What Aim global was promising through the products and compensation plan was something that had not been seen before in the MLM world.

The hall was full and after the presentation, 50 people registered and I was asked to come the next week so more people can also hear of this wonderful company called Aim Global.
The next week, Leburu and I arrived at a filled hall, the hall was three times bigger than the first hall we used, after that seminar, Limpopo province has not remained the same.
The business has grown to Venda and other surrounding towns and villages and great leaders have developed in those areas. powerful leaders developed from there and have continued to build a large number of leaders there.
We experienced a terrific growth which culminated in five of my leaders qualifying for the Philippines trip in May of the same year 2017.
The South African flag was finally hoisted in the Philippines area with a capacity of 50,000 distributors from all over the world…We made was glorious.
The leaders came back to greater work and excitement and the business began to spread.
From Polokwane to Gauteng, Amos one of the finest gentlemen I have ever met took up the business and with Leader Zanele, they established a presence across Gauteng to Mpumalanga Durban and other areas.
Today we have a great number of over 20 thousand solid members in my team from that one single seminar that day.

Like every good thing, we had attrition too, many people dropped from the business. Lack of training and understanding how the business works made some of my finest leaders leave the business, but those who held on are doing very well today
Testimonies of Lives who have been changed from this business will be the next topic
While we wait for the office to open, great leaders are busy build capacity and training young leaders, preparing for the launch of our business officially this year. It has been a rewarding journey and proof that a great company with great products and a good compensation plan will continue to change lives despite challenges.
From testimonies of the power of our food supplements to heal broken bodies to helping and aiding many sick bodies recover to financial empowerment. More than ten millionaires have been produced and many more are on the way, many people who had lost jobs and hope of financial freedom have testimonies which are encouraging others to join our business.
Competition is stiff in the world of MLM, but one confidence we have is that our products work and the compensation plan is great and keeps improving

Let’s all join hands and make South Africa the headquarters of Aim Global in Africa. We have the capability. I always say to my team here, yes the business started in Nigeria but we are taking over the headquarters of Aim Global in Africa. Let’s join this wonderful train of glory. I will always conclude by saying what the bible said: A good man leaves an inheritance for his children. If we don’t build this business for ourselves, let’s build it for our children. Our generations will call us blessed


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