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The C247 Time Stamped Presentation has been made available to newcomers and training teams to fully understand the product blow by blow in each ingredient added. The AIM Global Business Opportunity Presentation has also been made available as a time-stamped topic. You will be able to find it in the top menu under the Join AIM Global sub-menus.

This presentation is part of the AIM Global Projects, to be specific: the Empowered Consumerism program. It is an encouragement to both users and distributors of this product to appreciate the amount of work that has been put in developing this product in helping humanity to break new frontiers in civilization while empowered in their wellness.

We have also compiled a three-minute presentation of the product in this link to enable you to have a summarized version of the C247 Natura Ceuticals.

Click the topic which you would like to hear about on the hyperlinked time stamp below:

00:00 Prayer and meditation

01:30 Financial Education

02:05 Health and Wellness Education

02:30 Rebuild economy through financial and Wellness Education

03:20 Introducing C247 Our Flagship Product (C247 Time Stamped Presentation)

03:42 The most nutritionally dense food concentrate in the world market today

04:10 Most potent antiaging product in the history of supplementation

04:32 It has 22 000 components working together for IMMUNE DEFENSE and BOOSTS/REPAIR the body and NORMALIZE systems in the body

05:00 C247 is the environment where the body heals itself through PROTECTION, IMMUNITY, ENERGIZING, ENHANCEMENT, LONGEVITY, AND NOURISHMENT of the cells

05:20 For Cardio and Cancer Protection

06:00 Why take C247 Natura Ceuticals

07:21 the 100 uses of C247 08:00 C247 Components

10:17 The Whole fruit Juice Blend (C247 Time Stamped Presentation)

11:45 The whole vegetable Juice Blend

12:30 Mushrooms

13:27 Green foods/ Spirulina Blend

14:06 Digestive Enzymes

15:40 Essential Fatty Acids

17:10 Herbs, Amino Acids and Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex

19:30 Antiaging and Longevity Polyphenols

23:00 C247 Technology

25:27 Faster Absorption Rate (C247 Time Stamped Presentation)

26:55 Suggested retail Price 2021 latest is R480

28:20 Technology used building C247 as complex as the technology used to build the most expensive car. Sell it as you would sell that car.

29:29 Comments, Testimonies and Questions

30:50 We believe in the Product – The product is not a scam