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Coquering a journey From Depression to Heart Attack. Do we share the same story?

I market products for people who have moved from depression to heart attack. People like me who woke up tired every morning.

Before i used start a training program and leave it in the middle because of sudden joint pains.
At times i would start a jogging and exercise program and suddenly gain much appetite and in no.time i will abandon my plan.
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With time i noticed that i have breathing problems and not long i had chest pains and I was told I have a heart problem.

Previously as sufferer of depression i used drugs and they would make me feel better but accompanied by a lot of side effects.

With the heart problem included I had to have a lot of bottles of medication and they were overwhelming.

I was also told that once a man passes 48 years underlying heart problems do surface.

What do you do when at 50 you find yourself again being a father to a pretty baby girl?

You can only think that when you are 70 she will be only graduating and you will still need more strength of a 35 year old parent to nurture tour baby daughter.
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Well my simple story ends here after I began using C247 and choleduz. No more many bottles and my normal breathing is back and my physical activitu is back.

Not only that I am now taking these products to all who carry a story like mine and through the remuneration i will have my daughter graduate someday.

I have just found out that with Restolyf my biological age at 70 will be 35 and I will not worry about my daughter’s graduation.

I’m just reaching out to those who have a story like mine. Others are welcome too.
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My joy is an opportunity for superior life once again. An opportunity to get rid of tiredness and chest pains. Above all a business opportunity of sharing my story with those who share the same experience.

Do you know anyone who might need these products? Will you share this info, that person will thank you.
We can conquer the road from depression to heart attack.
All what I have mentioned above does not exclude spiritual and emotional support of those who journey with me.
Maybe tou have the spiritual and emotional support; im just adding the physiological support i got from these wonderful products.
Call me at +27790831530
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My name is Vanto Vanto and i am in Cape Town, South Africa.