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Covid-19-free Christmas 2021

Covid-19 free Christmas 2021

While we in South Africa are at the peak of the third wave some predict the 4th wave to peak towards Christmas. We might have a Christmas in lockdown or we can have a Covid 19 free Christmas. The past 3 predictions were 100% on spot. We do however have the best-case scenario and worst-case scenario predictions for Christmas 2021 and beyond. Whichever side you are on, we have serious decisions we need to take towards a Covid-19-free Christmas 2021.

Below are observations by experts from Brookings Institute concerning the economic impact of Covid-19 in South Africa:

While South Africa is set to emerge from the crisis weaker than it was going into it, the World Bank’s South Africa Economic Update argues that the reasons for low growth and high unemployment do not lie in the government’s crisis response. Instead, the pandemic has exposed long-standing structural weaknesses that have progressively worsened since the global financial crisis of 2008–09.

For 2021, the World Bank projects a gross domestic product (GDP) growth of 4 percent, followed by 2.1 percent in 2022 and 1.5 percent in 2023. South Africa’s weak recovery is putting pressure on public finance. For the first time ever, public debt is now at almost 80 percent of GDP and under the current trajectory debt levels will not stabilize before 2026″


Even a country like Kenya which had lesser Covid-19 cases than South Africa has been impacted by lockdowns of trading partners as Brookings Institute notes below:

In a new working paper, we analyze the short-term effects of lockdown policies by Kenya’s trading partners on the country’s import and export trade. COVID-19 arrived somewhat late in Kenya and other African countries, but its effects have nonetheless been severe. Kenya’s real GDP is estimated to have grown by just 1 percent in 2020, much lower than the 5.4 percent in the previous year, but considerably better than performances of other emerging and developing countries (-2.4 percent) and advanced economies (-4.9 percent). The economic slowdown has led to an increase in unemployment, which was 10.4 percent in the second quarter of 2020.


The two examples above show that whether you are the country in lockdown or you are trading with the country in lockdown the economic impact is the same and it results in a massive loss of jobs. When major economies in Africa like Kenya and South Africa are equally impacted; how do we respond as a continent to these great challenges?

The illustration in the image above from PwC 
as it is explained, there is a light at the end of a long tunnel and that means the upside scenario of the economic recovery in South Africa will be four years from now and the downside scenario will be eight years.

As I have earlier indicated South Africa and Kenya are two economic powerhouses in Africa and through them and many other countries, the African Economy is affected. We know the economic strength of the USA and the one of China in how they can come out of this depression. The question we have to ask ourselves is this: In which Industry is African Continent a notable leader and how can it use that Industry to drive its economy? How can you ride that wave as a citizen and become an Economy Driver in your country? These are the answers to a Covid-19-free Christmas 2021.

Art Jonak the Mastermind Event Founder noted through detailed stats in 2017 that Africa has been the fastest growing and the best performer in Selling when it comes to the Network Marketing Industry. In the Pandemic year, we further find out that the Wellness Industry within the Network Marketing industry has performed even much better. That is even confirmed by Paul Zane Pilzer in his bestseller The Wellness Revolution.

Road Map To Success Team

With Africa Leading in Network Marketing Industry and Wellness Products taking a very special lead now; there is one more thing; all this is done online during this time of the pandemic. That is why we presented the Roadmap To Success Program that teaches both the Empowered Consumerism program of Wellness as well as Economy Driver Program that are both a blend of Wellness and Network Marketing Industry and Online Interaction activities. All these are offered by Alliance in Motion.

Whatever we believe for or against these many lockdowns it does not matter any longer. What matters is that your Health, your Economy, and your Education have to be back in your own control. Have Immune Defence while you Learn to distribute wellness products online. Have your Energy Maintenance as you exercise at home. Have your Cognitive Health as you study a New Normal Career Path. The Economic impact of Covid-19 in our countries does not offer a Covid-19-free Christmas 2021. We might be blessed to be out of lockdown in one country but have lockdown in another.

We are getting used to do groceries online and have our food delivered in our safe space at home. We are also used to have our children attend online. However, all these have to be paid for by a New Skill through which you will be earning online. This is the skill I believe will bring us to Covid-19-free Christmas 2021.

Even car wash services are now ordered online and they bring their mobile car wash services to your home. That means everyone comes to collect money from you at home. Is it not time you also make and collect money from home?

If your home is a new money-making place the first thing we need is that you become a HEALTHY WORKFORCE and that is why we have a special program for you called Empowered Consumerism

The second program we have developed is called Road Map to Success and this is brought to your home bringing Business Education to your home for you to continue making money at home.

The third program is called Economy Driver Plan 2.0 it helps you to build and work with a team that will do what you do as well as earning from various income streams. By Christmas, you will be earning whether in lockdown or out in fresh sea breeze. Do not wait for predictions. Take back your life in your hands now. Here is a link That will guide you in the program. I have also prepared a time-stamped presentation that will save you a lot of time by taking only the topics that really matter.

Then and only then we can say for you: it is a Covid-19-free Christmas 2021 😀🙏🙏