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I designed this pic from Banner Snack It is detailed in my first chapter.

I will repeat what I wrote in the banner: This is a lesson for beginners who want to do just quick basics which will be sufficient to put the message across in the most professional way.

 There are many ways of recording videos and put them on youtube. The problem with many of them is that they are time consuming on recording, editing, and uploading. They both consume much data and time as well as expertise.

1. Record a message with your android phone.
2. Download an mp3 converter in your phone.
3. Take your recorded message and convert through the mp3 converter.
4. Take a picture, preferably a banner from Banner Snack which has a topic and most of the info on the video.
5. Keep these in the same file in your smartphone or computer.
6. Go to a free service called
7. follow instructions n uploading your audio file as well as image file.
8. Do not forget to first sign in with your google account for the youtube account.

All this uploading may not take more than 2 mins on a ten mins video. In fact it is on record that a 4 minute audio will load in 6 seconds.
apart from a free service the minimum subscription per month is $4 with the max being $17.

Let us go check below:

Thank you for taking your time on this lesson. Feel free to share your experiences. Please subscribe here to this series.