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Becoming Gold Executive in 12 months

Image 1. YouTube presentation titled: How to become Gold  executive in 12 months.

This is a simple system like all success it requires simple rules which will be carried out by consistent team members. I once got involved in a company that required only R300 commitment per month. I was so glad that at last here is an easy task which will need some change that equals someone’s dinner price to pay. I was so wrong! It was not about the affordability but it was all about CONSISTENCY.

You need 10 points to become Silver Executive. How do we define one point?

Becoming Gold Executive in 12 months
Image 2. You need 5 C247’s in order to move to 1 positional point.

We need 5 packets with 30 caps in each packet to make it to 1 point. Therefore for us to get 10 points of Silver Executive status we need 50 packets.

Now that we know what 1 point is we need to determine how long are we going to take to get 10 points. We also need to have a strategy which is easy to duplicate for our downlines, AIM Global has long determined that the lowest performance in the business can be when a distributor only sells two C247 packets per month. But we have also noted that there are loyal customers who are able to buy products to the value of two C247 per month.

If a distributor were to have one loyal customer or if a distributor were to be that loyal customer we would expect the least performance to become 2 C247 sales per month. This is to the value of R700 in South African currency.


Becoming Gold in 12 months
Image 3. This is what appears at the back office. It is a monthly reminder that we reach our maintenance target of 0.2 positional point each month

Another way of looking at this is to find 5 distributors who are also consumers who will commit to but 2 C247’s per month for their consumption. This is a health group that will monitor itself what happens when they consume 2 C247’s every month.

Image 4. These are various prices of Gym membership per month around South Africa

If you were to take your group of 5 as a health and fitness club which is serious about change, you would pay the average of R600 per month to get all the services mentioned across these clubs above.

If you would have to pay a health club that would also include wealth opportunities, R700 per month would be a reasonable amount. C247 is the sum total of all the health products of AIM Global in one bottle. I would be very happy to join a club that will give me an opportunity to consume C247 per month as opportunity to ward off 100 sicknesses while I get an opportunity to become wealthy.

How much more when this movement is growing to 25 as the 5 teaches another 5 of each. I assure you that you are on your way to establish Wellness Revolution.

Image 5. Within your 40 get your best 5 in your health club.

I have mentioned in the video that AIM Global rewards sellers more. This means that having recruited you will be rewarded handsomely when you sell and you also teach your members how to sell. The best way to sell C247 is to consume C247. Become number one fan of the product you wish to sell. Your testimony concerning the product becomes your selling script. I say this because all your customers are simply going to be your Namesakes when it comes to the experience.

Lets move to the next point. To become Silver Executive you will need 10 points which are equal to 50 units of C247, but to become Gold Executive you will need to move to 100 positional points which are equal to 500 units of C247.

I will put a rough paper below and show what 5 people can do in 5 months to assist you to become Silver Executives. Forgive my bad handwriting

Image 6. This is a group of 5 buying 2 each month producing 2 points per month

In one month a group of 5 purchases 10 packets therefore a group of 25 will purchase 50 packets in a month. 50 packets is 10 points enough for a Silver. Therefore if this group does this purchase for 10 months that will be equal to 10 Silver Executives. 10 Silver Executives under you will make you Gold Executive.

For you to be Gold Executive on the 12th month this group will have to begin on the third month. In your third month be sure to have 25 under you or be sure to assist 5 distributors to have 5 each.

You can have 10 distributors per time and do the same, but I had to take a lazy scenario plan so as to make it duplicate-able even to the most busy part timer in the business.

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