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Grow Up but Stay Rooted

I looked cafefuly for this metaphoric advice because your success is urgent. I looked at you as a tree and people around you as ground, water and sun. My summary therefore is: BE ROOTED TO THE GROUND BUT GROW AWAY FROM IT TO THE SUN WITH THE HELP OF THE WATER..

Some friends are the good ground that keep us rooted but we need to grow away from them without uprooting ourselves. Some family members and friends are good to keep our roots but very poor to nourish our leaves. SO GROW AWAY WITHOUT ROOTING YOURSELF OUT OF THEM. This can be the church you grew up at. This could be your community where you were born. GROW TOWARD THE SUNLIGHT or else you will rot in the soil.

Some friends are like water. They helped you not to dry out in the ground. But too much of the water will make you GROW OLD AND NOT GROW UP. Growing up is a choice but Growing Old may be allowing the water to rot you in the ground.

Other friends are free spirited they fly high and like the sun they will always challenge you to go up higher. NEVER GROW UP AT THE EXPENSE OF ROOTING YOURSELF OUT OF YOUR FAMILY.
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These friends will turn you into a star. You will be a Corporate Magnate. You will lead a Mega Church. You will be a Six Figure earner in your Network Marketing Company. BUT DO NOT FLY UP UNTIL YOU ARE UPROOTED.

I have a Spiritual Father Apostle Ricci J Hausley Sr he has become the ground and the water and the sun, he played all these roles in my life. Not all mentors or fathers may be graced in that way.

So in a nutshell balance your soil community and your water community and your sun community. GROW AWAY FROM THE SOIL TO THE SUN WITH THE HELP OF THE WATER WITHOUT BEING UPROOTED.
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Some will say you have become cold because they feel left on the ground. Some will say you are aloof because you are no longer drinking from them as you used to. Some will say you don’t fly up enough you are too traditional always rooted to the old ways.

My friend you will not please them all until they keep all these roles in one place. Keep moving. Work harder. Fly higher.

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