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We must invest in our health

We must invest in our health

My mentor the late Bishop Caleb Makhanda used to say “We live in interesting times!” He had a way of expressing this view to a point that I was becoming convinced that though I agree with him; I still have not reached his revelation of how much interesting the times have become. The year 2018 was an eye opener when I encountered the product in the image above. I had such a huge mountain before me; a heart problem. I never knew the limitations of people with a heart problem until I encountered it. From this time onward I knew that we must invest in our health.

After taking the Vidamaxx and recovering at the rate it has been designed for people to recover; yes I agree with my Bishop that we live in interesting times indeed. Just the thought of how much money is spent in hospitals by people who reject products like this makes me shiver.

We must invest in our health
11th anniversary gathering of Alliance in Motion in Phillipines

If people can gather in great numbers in stadiums; not to watch a big football game but to celebrate their health; then we live in interesting times. I never knew the concept of investing in my health until the heart encounter I faced.

Do we all have to face a heart problem so as to begin investing in our health?

The gathering above was attended by my friend and spiritual son Olivier Agnin. I had known him for 8 years but never met him. I will say indeed we live in interesting times when social media can produce life long friendships like that. Yes indeed because my very Mentor was South Africa Ambassador to his (Olivier’s) country and I had never been there.

We must invest in our health
My upline Olivier visiting me in Cape Town

Eight years later this friend became my upline in AIM Global and he came to visit me in South Africa. Who has ever received the honor of an Upline turning into Lifeline? Well I did because I would not have known the beautiful product at the opening of this blog.

We took this opportunity together to Mozambique and we have a very interesting Network Marketing family there under Leader Antonio Machama.

My whole point today is that you invest in your health because you don’t want a time when you are told that your service are no longer required. We live in too interesting times to have our health deny us the experience and the big move of human civilization of this magnitude.

I want to say to you secondly, invest in democratized new economies like network marketing. Today we have distributors all over the world opening business in other countries with ease at the lowest investment because of Network Marketing.



Alliance in Motion Global is one of those Network Marketing companies that will enable you to open business in various countries with the least capital investment from your side. Traditional businesses spend huge sums of money when they open business in other countries.

That’s it for now; we must invest in our health and invest in network marketing companies.