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Kiddi 24/7 nutragummies for Children

Kiddi 24/7 nutragummies for Children

Kiddi 24/7 nutragummies for Children

Kiddi 24/7 nutragummies for Children is packed with 24 fruits and vegetables and 14 essential vitamins and minerals including a full B-vitamin complex. Manufactured with pectin and sweetened with tapioca and dried cane syrup. Kiddi24/7 is an ideal dietary supplement for kids. You may be assured that Kiddi 24/7 has no gelatin, yeast, wheat, dairy products, gluten, eggs, peanuts, artificial flavors, preservatives, or allergens.

As we take our children to school; we have already pre-programmed their destiny through how we feed them. How our children behave, concentrate, their critical thinking abilities as well as their long-term memory; can be largely dependent on how we feed them from day to day.

Kiddi 24/7 nutragummies for Children recognizes that children have different health goals and dietary requirements. This supplement also recognizes that families have different budgets for the nutrition of their children and it has accommodated all the needs of the children across the spectrum.


00.00 Introduction 00:30 Our children are preprogrammed through how we feed them 00:45 Concentration, behavior, and moods preprogrammed by what we feed them 01:00 Through nutrition the destiny of your children is formed 01:15 Parents to be taught what to feed their children 01:30 Introducing Kiddi 247 02:00 for destiny and present pandemic lets give them kiddi 247 02:20 create an atmosphere for their bodies to heal themselves 03:00 before we blame teachers, let’s feed them right with good kids supplements

Benefits of Kiddi 24/7 nutragummies

  • Kiddi nutragummies 24/7 for children is comprehensive nutrition for children and it is in gummie form.
  • Contains 14 important vitamins and minerals.
  • It contains 26 organic fruits and veggies.
  • Complete vitamin B complex for brain growth and development, improving children’s critical thinking abilities and long-term memory
  • Vitamin C stimulate the immune system.
  • provides energy and encourages good vision.
  • Contributes to better digestion, strengthens teeth and bones.

Kiddi 24/7  Price

Suggested market price: ZAR 300.00

Shipping Charges: ZAR 100.00