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Let go of 9 in 10 who won’t buy – Kim Klaver

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Below is is the motivation I gave my downline this morning:

I just finished reading about the first of the four agreements for us networkers.
We need to accept that only 10% of people we talk to will buy our product.
Big advertising companies have only 1% who buy their products yet they get high numbers why?
They work ten times to get what i get. This is the advantage of NM
They dont stay on the 99 who refuse their product they stick on 1 who says yes.
They dont close company because 99 said no
They keep company open because 1 said yes.
But to be and you it is not 99 it is ONLY 9! But we close the shop!!!
Well i have affirmed my first agreement: I will let go of the 9 out of 10 who will not buy! Then i pass!!!
If i want ten to buy every month i talk to 100
If i want 20 to buy every month i reach out to 200.
Yes that is right 200 because i have seen the money that 20 will give me.
But with social media we can reach 2000 per month and 200 will buy. How much is that?
Wait i will do my calculations
200×140 DRB =R28 000 that is just DRB
200÷2×420 MB= R42 000
Now R28 000 ÷ R42 000 = R70 000
Well how about working together to put 200 people as 7 people?
The good news is that it will not be R70 000÷10 which is R7000 NO!
Each will have above R30 000 because the Matching Bonus is R42 000 so everyone gets rhe matching bonus!!!!
Well what if 10 people bring 20 each to make the 200?
Then how can we teach the 10 to make 20 each?
This is what i have prepared and i hope those who see these numbers making sense will join me in finding out how we can get 20 each.
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