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My first year in Network Marketing

my first year in network marketing

I thought I should share about my first year in network marketing. There are two sides of this story; one is what I did in my first year and what I would do if I had to have my first year in MLM.

I need to say right away that you can always have your first year in Network Marketing with a new company of your choice today. We all had our first year year in MLM as our new experience and that was either the most exciting first year of a year of great nightmares. The main reason of this was our uplines or our sponsors. I will try and list various reasons which they contributed to our failure in our first year.

Why we failed in our first year

1. We had hotel meetings and our sponsors were the only ones who made the presentations. We trusted our sponsors and all we did was to bring people to the hotel. We knew that we cannot do what our uplines did and he did it so well to a point that we could not replace them. We could only grow as far as they can handle us and no more. One other thing we could not all hire hotels like they did.

They had a messiah complex in the sense that we depended on them. It was almost like: I will recruit for you. Others would go further to say: just buy more stock and I will recruit for you. Imagine you just found a new job and someone is on standby at home waiting for you to call when you receive your daily assignments. It will go like; “John Doe I was just given this assignment and I will email it to you. Please email back the answers and I will email to my boss. I have a presentation to make and I will put an earpiece and you will tell me what to say. I will put some spy glasses and you will be able to see my presentation.”

We used to lean on our uplines and we did nothing they did not give us anything we could duplicate. Our upline was supposed to tell us that we must own our businesses and learn the basics that everyone must do. We were supposed to be told that the first year in any business has hard work; and if we become consistent it will begin to be easier in the third year.

2. We had high expectations created for us. Everything was said to be easy, all you need is two people in the case of binary or 5 people in the case of matrix then you rest. Everything put in the presentation drove us to pay and join. Our business plan was easy and exaggerated our product results were also exaggerated. The profits were unbelievably high and simple to achieve. This is also where point one featured as well. We were promised that our upline will do everything, we just come in like “shareholders” and our upline will “run” with the business.

my first year in network marketing
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Someone was supposed to say: guys this is business and there is hard work we need to do especially in the first year. We were supposed to be told that the first year is the hardest to make the foundation of our business. We were supposed to be told that almost 90 percent of first years will drop out if not well prepared for the business.

3. Our main sponsor will see a new business and introduce it to the vulnerable first years. This is normally called a ‘scatter bomb‘ don’t worry we will explain the term later. They will come with this company where the commission is much higher than the present company. Sometimes it promises that there is no need of prospecting. At the end it is all about easy big money with less work. For a first year these are all attractive options. After three years we will have joined 5 different companies, because others continue to be ‘better’ than others.

Lets say you met a MLM company 25 years ago and you changed companies for the past 25 years and you are now in the 13th MLM company since then, I have got news for you; that company is 50 years old today and it is still running strong and very successful. Yes today there are 50 years old MLM companies and they are going stronger and stronger. What if i stayed with the company from my first year in network marketing? I would have grown and become wealthy with the company.

The university examples

It has been observed that most of the students who drop out at the university are those who did not take their first year seriously. I will not forget a very shrewd teacher we had in a difficult course of Structures or Strength of Materials in Civil and Mechanical Engineering; he used to predict who will pass and who will fail the course. He used to say: Its not that i don’t like you but I have been here long enough to know that if you are playful in the first year or even the first term in this course you will not make it. He spoke from statistics.

Truly we have seen that even those who drop out in the third or fourth year are those who cheated on the pace of their first year. I am saying to you today; let us go and begin our first year lessons of network marketing and do the correct basics in prospecting and other DMO’s (Daily Method of Operation) and we will surely succeed.


I have related to you what I experienced in my first year in network marketing. I will give you my personal conclusion on our past experiences and allow me to begin with the third challenge: I write this blog in 2019 and there has never been a time in history when there are so many MLM companies in the market. I say this because we have digital marketing and there is a lot of very good companies to choose from. I must also say they have very good money some have good products.

Let me put it this way, we know that IT, Engineering and finance people are generally the best paid in the world; however we will never leave our careers where we are excelling and rush to those three careers. I for one am not promising you that my company is the best; neither am I expecting everyone to be in it. I am very comfortable in wellness business that has tangible products. I also enjoy the relationships i have created with the people i found in this company.

So make sure that you can at least stay for five years as distributor and more in your place of choice and you can enjoy the product for ten years and more as its consumer. Make sure you are in a company where you will develop as a person in Network marketing and in the industry knowledge of your choice. Make sure that your business plan can give you a stable income after three years or after very hard work of your first year.

Do not lean on your upline, you need to own your business and learn as much as you can from your upline. Always prospect, remember it is much easier to give birth to new distributors than to raise the dead.

Lastly I would like to encourage you to check in my website where I write articles which will encourage you in your business. I have an interesting article titled: You are God’s Treasured Possession. I have no doubt it will encourage you. This was my story about my first year in network marketing.