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Nomadic Network Marketers

A nomad (Middle French: nomade “people without fixed habitation”)[2] is a member of a community of people without fixed habitation who regularly move to and from the same areas, including nomadic hunter-gatherers, pastoral nomads (owning livestock), and tinker or trader nomads. As of 1995, there were an estimated 30–40 million nomads in the world.

-Extract from Wikipedia-

My question to us today is; how many nomadic network marketers donwe have and do we believe this is the way to build wealth in our communities?

Since I grew up I just had a love for network marketing; above all I had great love for great presenters who would sweep the hall with registrations to the new company.

As time goes the honeymoon of the new company wanes off and these great presenters will migrate to a new network marketing company.

I want you to think of this in the traditional business life: here is a man or woman who starts a business and invite us to buy shares. He or she convinces us how big are the profits we will make on the business and we join.

In about eight months time this chief shareholder is now in a new venture and comes to present to us again and we join him or her as shareholders. We leave the other business to die a natural death.

When this nomadic networker has made profits then he or she comes again to invite us in a new business…..

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Here is my question? If we were to build a business chamber and review all the businesses we have started in that city what report would we bring to the table? How many broken agreements would we have with importers; exporters; logistics and customers?

This is exactly what our great networkers are doing in building network marketing communities. When we understand the profession of Network Marketing and it’s integrity we will bring an end to what I coin Nomadic Network Marketing.

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With this system we make one company famous in a city for a year and everyone runs to it and when we have made our moneys we tell everyone:”Migration time!!!” Then we go elsewhere.

If you have been a victim to this I invite you to inbox me and share your experiences.

Talk soon

Vanto Vanto

Aimglobal Distributor