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An all-natural, non-addictive, doctor formulated thermal relief patch made in Korea. First patch in the world to use nano-diamond technology, nine active ingredients penetrate the innermost layer of the skin.

CareLeaf Thermal Relief Patch

When our muscles go through quite a bit of physical stress, we experience body pain. Experts say that it is normal for our muscles to experience soreness especially when we do physical activity that is new to our body. Seven out of 10 people seek professional help for their pain, mostly from a doctor.

How pain affects the body?

Increased carbon dioxide and other changes to blood gasses.

Adrenaline and other higher levels of stress hormones.

Slowed digestion and other gastrointestinal problems.

Fatigue and tension and other musculoskeletal problems.

Anxiety, depression and other emotional problems.

Blood pressure and Increased heart rate.

Pain Relieving Medicines Side Effects

Paracetamol if used for a long time can cause liver and kidney damage.

Aspirin if used for a long time in large doses can reduce blood-clotting and stomach irritation.

(NSAIDs) Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can cause dizziness and sleep problems.

Opioid analgesics such as morphine, oxycodone and codeine can cause vomiting, constipation, and reduced physical coordination.

Nano-Thermal DiaDynamics is the Technology used in Careleaf

The first thermal patch in the world using nano-diamonds soothing heat in its delivery system that results in more effectiveness on its use.

Careleaf Has All Natural Ingredients

The ingredients of this product are infused in micro-layers. Each is known and used to relieve pain for decades. All natural, no synthetic substance and no side effect with an immediate soothing heat to relieve pain. With Careleaf, you have a natural care!

Careleaf is Your Daily Care

When you feel musculoskeletal pain, this is a perfect solution that will help you ease the pain. With Care Leaf protection, your daily activity will not be limited and worry no more about body pain.


The moment CareLeaf gets in contact with skin, GRAPESEED OIL opens up the pores allowing ACTIVE INGREDIENTS to come in, alleviates inflammation.

Careleaf Thermal Relief Components

1. Nano Diamonds

Careleaf Thermal Relief penetrates the deeper layer of the skin because of this component. The thermal and mechanical properties are well absorbed by the skin due to Nano Diamonds.

2. Grapeseed oil

Grapeseed oil opens up the pores allowing active ingredients to come in alleviates inflammation when Careleaf Relief Patch has a contact in the skin that makes it effective to use.

3. Germanium

CareLeaf Thermal Relief Patch has an organic germanium which acts as a Natural Heat Reflector.

4. Turmeric

Indian and Chinese medicine has been utilizing this healing property for more than a thousand years and making Careleaf Thermal relief more effective.

5. Capsaicin

Careleaf Relief Patch also uses this component known as the red chili peppers, a natural source of endorphin stress and pain reliever.


Careleaf Thermal Relief uses this known HERBAL REMEDY used since the middle ages for its anti-inflammatory. It has wound-healing, diuretic properties as well as good treatment for back pains even treating depression and anxiety.

7. Silver Ion

This is one component of CareLeaf Thermal Relief Patch that a has healing properties and known for its ability to kill bacteria and viruses.

8. Vitamin E

Another component is Vitamin E. This ease the pain of stiff muscles after exercise.

9. Korean Ginseng

It has been used for hundreds of years to combat widespread musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, and swelling. CareLeaf Thermal Relief Patch also uses Korean Ginseng added on its effective components.