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This is a Review of Alliance in Motion from a Learner Distributor. I am a Student Always ; I have no Medical Background and I am not a Seven Figure Income Earner.

Like many of us, I have been a long time Network Marketing Amateur not so committed to distribution of MLM products but loving the promised money. Like most of the 70% Networkers I hopped from one MLM company to another.

This distributor a fan of natural products for the past 25 years, therefore I have always resorted to become distributor just to secure myself a discount of products.

AS a result I have listened to many presentations of various companies until I got bored of the usual MLM jargon in presentations.

Review of Alliance in Motion - C24 7 Natura Ceuticals

Meeting Alliance in Motion and its products was no different. As people who have become numb to MLM presentations we join just to silence the persistence of our friends so that life can go on. I have great respect for my spiritual son who have introduced this company and initially I had to join him in supporting the business. This review of Alliance in Motion comes from this kind of background.

My obstacles and excuses.

Many times we join just to wait for our Uplines to fail so that we can be released from the bondage and wait for a new company together. My Upline however was a very persistent distributor of AIM Global.

Being in South Africa we were far from one another as he was in Ivory Coast. This meant that for him to deliver the product will be more expensive than the product itself. This happens mostly to countries whose trade routes among one another are not established. In a nutshell it took six months to eventually have a product of AIM Global. This to me was an excuse in waiting so that I get the reason to leave the company.

Vidamaxx listed with its benefits

By then I knew that the company is well established in West Africa and in East Africa and at an early pioneering stage in Southern Africa. I also knew that it is a 10 year old company of  5 million distributors around the world. But like all the previous companies, nothing really made me tick.

I eventually had access to products which I bought from other people as a customer so that I will see how they look, but I kept them in the shelves with no commitment of either consuming or selling the products.

By this time I had a one year stint with a heart problem which was not very serious as well. I mixed a few recommended herbs from my homeopath and prescribed ones from the pharmacy.

The beginning of “the why”.

It was in April 2018 when things turned for the worse in my heart condition and I studied a lot of material and listened to youtube videos. I could not stand for 15 minutes or walk for 200 meters. I knew I had to do something drastic.

Great turn around

My life changing experience came when I listened to Dr Butch Villena a Medical Consultant in Alliance in Motion. He made a presentation on Heart Disease and a Product called Vidamax. His Medical Background knowledge and explanation of this product was a great awakening to me and I had to take a step.

Invest in your health
The truth about investing in our health

Immediate results

I managed to get hold of the product and in one hour just as he said my main vessel to the heart got dilated and blood could flow at ease without having to use blood thinners.

AS the image above reads I had less stress and found more energy. With more energy I got more performance and with more performance I began to see more compensation.

Choleduz has similar effects to Vidamax when it comes to the blood vessels

Sometimes we are just too sick to listen, our attention span is stolen by various sicknesses in our body. When my body got stronger I began to call my Upline and said to him: I think I have just become number one fan of the products.

Now dear readers where I stand at this moment is not a difficult place of trying to convince people to join me. I am just competing with my customers in consuming the products. I will be very disturbed to sell this product to anyone who loves it more than I do.

I have a blog called The two great commandments of our business.

I say in this blog the first commandment is to use the product and become number one fan of the product. The second is born from the first one and this one is to sell the product. When you use these products we’ll enough you will talk about them.

Someone said to me how much is your greatest income from this business and I told her that my greatest income is to have my heart back.

If you have diabetes consider these

I can present to you the income you get from selling these products. By now I am good at such presentations. My thinking is that I would rather have a team that has a revelation of the urgency of having others use these products. When you carry that burden it converts into income for you. If you are driven by earnings other than the need to share these products with others, you will leave the business as soon as another business has more earnings than this one.

Investing in my health.

I have made it my decision that superior health be my highest earning. Please listen to this video about superior health.

Since I used these products I began to see a 16hour day other than a 3hr day from my heart challenge. I had more energy and more time to study other things. I decided to study every tool available of sending messages about these products to you. This part is my review of Alliance in Motion as a consistent consumer.

I had renewed energies and enthusiasm to learn Network Marketing as a Profession. I knew that this is a transferable skill.

This new awakening brought by these products made me to have a new look at wellness. I was fascinated by the close relationship of wellness and network marketing

When you become healthy your 24hrs is fully realized and you have more time in your hands. I decided to use that time to study blogging, autoresponders, scheduled posting, doing my own banner advertising and many other tools of driving traffic to my business.

I hated selling but now I love selling because I love seeing people getting these products. I have seen many testimonies of people healing from the products.

Some of our cross-lines, not all.

It is normally said character is what you are in the dark and money reveals it all the time. Daily I meet money hungry cross-lines who have absolutely no interest in relationships but want to make a sale through me. It is shocking how other distributors are in a Rat race destroying many relationships chasing for a commission. This business has revealed those in a very short space of time and helps me to stay away from them.

Great relationships

I am equally amazed of the great relationships I have created from both Downlines Uplines and crosslines.

My Upline who is from Ivory Coast finally met with me here in Cape Town and we went together in Mozambique to train our Downlines there. He is now in Brazil establishing this business and I will be joining him soon God willing. We have established good friendship teams in Lesotho, Namibia and busy building DRC team.

This is my lousy story as an Amateur Distributor about my journey as a Wellness Student and Network Marketing student. The review of Alliance in Motion has been done by many experts and big income earners; I thought you need to hear it from an average person as well.

Make time and listen to our videos.

Lately I am continuing to earn lots and lots of health and I know that wealth is attracted to the healthy ones. I have plenty of videos in my channel concerning this business. 

Time is money but timing is everything. It could be the right timing for you as well.

I am a Student Always and I continue to learn. We can learn together if you want. We live in interesting times and Life is Good. That was my short Review of Alliance in Motion.

Looking forward to hear for you