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Self Development vs Selfish Development in Network Marketing

(I include in this discussion below Company Consciousness vs Self and Product Consciousness which I will elaborate in the next blog)

“If you are selfish, you pretty well always put yourself ahead others. Selfishness means that you make sure your needs are met first. Self-love means that you make sure your needs are not always met last. You often put others ahead of yourself, but not always” from in Diference between self love and selfishness.
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Self love drives us to develop ourselves and others. We stand in a place that is high enough for us to prosper and we get down to a place that is low enough to bring others where we are. Selfishness drives us to develop at the expense of others. We stand in a place that is high enough to keep others under us.

Now this is what we do to kill Network Marketing. We attract people by flashing how much we earn and when they join us we go attract others by flashing how much down-line we have under us. When these join us we go present somewhere and tell them how hard we work and how lazy our down-lines are.
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I have termed this Nomadic Network Marketing where people always migrate to a new company where they can make enough money and go to the next. This is not transferable skill to the next generation but it only leaves many followers of these Nomadic Networkers with scars and they hate the NM word or the MLM word whenever it shows up.

Have you been in this cycle as many years as you are in Network Marketing? Are you a victim of Network Marketing Myths and Cults that leave you hating the industry? We were there but we took a Common Sense Pill and decided to do this out of Self Love than Selfishness.

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If you will keep on following somebody because he or she earns a lot of money you will never develop yourself.

When you are Self Conscious and Product or Service Conscious you are able to develop. When you become Company Conscious you might as well find yourself in a Cult.

I am Self Counscious as a Wellness Entrepreneur and Networker. I am Product conscious because i have researched C247; Choleduz; Restolyf; Complete Energizer. As a result i continue to study them more and I continue to study everything about wellness.

When I work with people I encourage them to be wellness entrepreneurs as well as network marketers. I also invite them to the value that the products above can offer. Aimglobal has taught us to be Product Conscious and in this way we will bring many people to the benefits of these products.

Aimglobal is not teaching us Company Consciousness, this is an old outdated way of marketing. They have products made from Natures way, DSM and Weilder these are other companies and they are not ashamed to mention them. When you are product conscious you go to the place where the product can be best developed. You do not force to develop the product yourself.
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There are things I will buy in Amazon and others in Ebay and yet others in Walmart because they are products with value.

In conclusion let us present Product or Service and not Company and People will embrace what we do