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Ten Job posts that has become obsolete in the past ten years

This guy has been our favorite after the Ice Cream Man. Thats when we were young. Where did he go?

Well the caption of the Milkman is not 10 years ago. But he was just as adorable as Ice Cream Man. Even adorable people disappear.
Where are typists? Are you noticing that all Posts that carry the word “Operator” are disappearing fast because computers and robots are replacing them. These are artisans and technicians who have worked very hard to perfect their trade.
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Lets cut the chase, I am calling you to action because you could be next. I have prepared something that is not becoming obsolete in the next 50 years because it has been growing fast since 50 years ago. This is Network Marketing.
Well I have another one as well, it is the Wellness Industry. Prof Paul Zane Pilzner in his book Welness Revolution shows how these two industries have a perfect marriage to the future and are getting stronger by day.
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I have also prepared an invitation for you to begin take Wellness and Network Marketing as a Transferable Skillset.
What is shocking is that not only do we have many jobs becoming Obsolete but also Job Hunting!!! Don’t miss my video above it is only 23 minutes.

I have also a presentation for you as well in South African Currency. I wrote this for you my fellow partners and distributors. Let us reach out to all our friends and we together prepare for a future without declining jobs.

Where are elevator operators?
Where are switchboard operators?
Where are typists?

According to Einstein:
“The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.

Let us solve our problems
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