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The Two Great Commandments of our business

Vidamaxx and BURN Slim
Pictured on the left is BURN Slim and Vidamaxx on the right

I have lived by Two Great Commandments in the Network Marketing business. This is how I coined this way of living and I am hoping that this simplicity of doing business will be of great help to many.

Rule One

I am the number one customer of the product I sell.

When I came to this business I had a heart problem. So severe that I could not walk beyond hundred meters. I could not stand beyond fifteen minutes. I had many bottles of supplements that I took as a result as well as a few prescribed drugs.
If you have never seen a product presentation by Dr Butch Villena in AIM Global products then you need to go and start afresh. With his detailed explanation I took Vida Maxx and to cut a long story short my heart has come to its normal working condition. With the advis of my GA Mentor L.O Leburu and Upline Olivier Agnin I added Choleduz. The results are still amazing.
I became the number one fan of the products. I spoke about them everywhere I went. This personal testimony gave birth to the Second Commandment:

Rule Two

Sell the product!

The testimony about the product produces an automatic sell. People are allergic to selling. This is because of their educational framework. People have generally a qualification that make them to be a Buying Community. Our culture and aspirations are based on buying. We impress our fans through our Buying Power. Our Goals are based on Buying and yet we are never fulfilled.

Leading countries in the world are Selling Communities and their education is based on Selling; so is their culture. This is one of the lessons I gave to my visit in Maputo two days earlier to the writing of this article.

We have many wonderful programs in Network Marketing but people run away from these two main rules. My friend I have no space and time to share this to you. This time around I am taking BURN Slim a sister product to Vida Maxx. When I shed of thie weight I will testify again and I will sell more.

Thats the way to go guys.

Happy Networking