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Have you ever heard the saying: “TIME IS MONEY”? Well this is true in many cases in life and in business. It is therefore important that we learn how to relate with time. But Champions will tell you something about seizing a moment. They know what makes people win. This is what they will tell you: TIMING IS MORE MONEY!!! Wise mentors even go further and say: TIMING IS EVERYTHING.

We spend time in training and we get a lot of discipline. BUT THE TIME WE SPEND IN TRAINING IS TO BE FOUND READY WHEN TIMING CALLS. We spend TIME preparing ourselves for TIMING. Scoring a goal is about Timing. Blowing that knockout punch in boxing is about TIMING.
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We invest time in training preparing for that timing to come

So it is in business, though we all spend time in preparation some will profit because of good timing and others will run into losses because of bad timing (see fig 1.).
We have previously announced that Aim Global Lands with a big bang in South Africa.,this is all about TIMING. Those who will understand this landing will seize the moment for THEY HAVE BECOME FRIENDS TO TIMING.
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Fig 4. Though everyone took time in preparations, champions seized the timing to bring the cup home

Timing is important in network marketing as well. With experience we know when a product will hit the proverbial shelves in the market. This is why we invite you now to come and SCORE THE GOALS because we have invested the preparation TIME and we invite you in the Moment of Flair, the Moment of Brilliance and the SCORING MOMENT.

We have prepared the ground we simply invite you to celebrations,more scoring, more winning together as a team at Aim Global. The wellness products we carry have seized the moment. Come and witness testimonies of health and profits.
See you soon, its your turn call me, whatsapp me at +27790831530
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