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Unlock true wealth within during lockdown

One thing you can’t afford that it experiences lockdown is your mind. I write this almost at our 17th day of our lockdown to contain the covid-19 in South Africa. As we all know;almost two thirds of the planet are in lockdown.

This is not only a time of fighting the pandemic, we are also equally fighting the infodemic. Fear has been shown throughout the world through either disinformation, misinformation or mal-information.

The information overload from news and social media is overwhelming. That alone is sufficient to bring our minds to a lockdown. This kind of lockdown weakens our immune system through stress and may lead to deppression. No one likes to see how our diaries have been put on hold. Projects were about to be approved. Contracts were about to be awarded. Meetings have been set to fly and have the client sign on the dotted line.

To some of us we had hopes of finally paying that nagging debt. Now this! Stress affects our hearts and blood pressure. Some of us may die not from the covid-19 but from high blood pressure and heart disease. Before this lockdown we already Had some health challenges depending on our age and life commitments. Life waits for no man – we say. This is sufficient to bring more pressure.

We have a choice to adapt or die. After this lockdown we are all going to a new normal. Things will never be the same again. Everyone experiences his or her own epiphany. For Boris Johnson he has a new look to his own National Health Service after returning from the intensive care unit. Next time he votes for his NHS he will do it differently.

Your body is your workplace your home

What about me? What disruptions have I encountered from the contagion and the lockdown season? How will I adapt to a new normal and what has been disrupted? I have washed hands like no other time in my life and I have seen how easy we can, through our lifestyle give permission to viruses to enter in our bodies. Well I have my own epiphany that has brought about Wellness Revolution.

Chronological vs biological aging

We have all heard how this covid-19 affected the elderly first because of the weak immune system and old age challenges in their lungs. I believe from this many of the old people who survived have come to a resolve that they will reverse the clock through Wellness consciousness. If your chronological year is 80, you can reverse your biological years through resveratrol and some good health habits down to 50 and you will not be the first on the firing line of a pandemic anymore. I have a recommendation for longevity formula in this link.

Invest in your health

The wakeup call of this lockdown is the importance of investing in our health. This means we will have our biological years younger than our chronological years. This means our immune system will be able to fight back the strain of any pandemic regardless of the season. We need a healthy body that will carry us against any life battle which we will face.

Good for your heart

Have an extra income

Three days before writing this article, 6.6 million people in USA filed for unemployment almost 10 million to date have filed for unemployment. The message is simple: Have an extra income avoid the hype of get rich quick mal-information and learn a transferable skill for you and your children which you will learn at home. Find something with minimal financial investment and maximum time and health investment. I believe you will be able to unlock great wealth within you during these times of lockdown.

Reach out and help

We have seen during this lockdown that we are all humanity and we are interdependent. We cannot do without one another as individuals and even as countries. This time as countries we have become helpless and other countries came to our aid. We have cities like Lombardy and New York that suffered great losses and they are in our thoughts and prayers. We have lives that are lost and we mourn as the world. We have great recoveries from individuals and communities and we celebrate them.

In all this we are facing a new normal and one thing is certain: life will never be the same again. We are however rising up stronger than ever as a people. We can unlock true wealth within during lockdown.