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Vanto Vanto is Authorof this website and an aimglobal distributor based in Cape Town; South Africa

I am a student, always. This is what I have been taught and Network Marketing is my skill. I am looking at it as a skill to master. I don’t look at it with just a short view of a quick buck.

We saw China rise with offshoring we saw India rise with Outsourcing, they never competed with other countries on their present economic strength. Africa will rise with Network Marketing. We need you to think beyond making money for our families to contributing to our countries. This is what Aimglobal has done to Pillipines up to a point of being officially recognized by the country President and even speak in their gatherings.
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This they did with seeing Network Marketing as a Transferable Skill to a point of giving bursaries to the Philipino country and many more community projects.

They saw it as a Skill and not a Scheme. See it as a Skill and learn. See it as a Scheme and hop from one company to another.

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