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If you happen to be fifty like me and probably above; whether you have good investments or safe workplace; it is possible that when we retire our health might exhaust our hard earned money.
Worse still, a whole lot of middle class and rich families lost their investments in 2008 financial meltdown.
All i am saying is that it is possible today to work hard and save money and suddenly find yourself with nothing from one bad decision of business or investment.
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In my present book I am reading from Paul Zane Pilzner; a Professor in Economist; a Software developer and Economist he says the following: ” One million middle and upper class U.S. families are now forced into bankrupsy every year by the sickness industry” – The New Wellness Revolution.

Well i said earlier our health can bankrupt us even after a good health insurance plan. Yes for a Health Care Industry; which Paul Zane Pilzner calls Sickness Industry. In this book he says:” Wellness Industry is the next Trillion Dollar Industry” We know that Health Care Industry aka Sickness Industry is already a Trillion Dollar Industry; but there is awakening! Wellness Consciousness is shifting many from Sickness Industry to Wellness Industry.
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I am happy to be one of them now and I invite you too to join the Wellness Entrepreneurs

I am sharing with you the video below and hoping to plant a seed about the Wellness Industry especially to those who are my peers and planning for superior health ahead. Click the link below

Share with me your experiences.