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When Inspiration takes over from Motivation


Inspiration takes over from motivation
When Motivation fails Inspiration takes over

A few weeks ago from the writing of this email we celebrated the crowning of AIM Global as number 1 best seller in the world. This came after the votes were cast on the world leading MLM Magazine of Business for Home.

This is great news to the distributors of Alliance in Motion worldwide. It means that they will be able to sell their product and services with pride.

As a proud user of the products of AIM Global I celebrated because of what I saw the products did to my then failing heart. As a South African Distributor I would like to make a few observations which I believe they will become a lesson to us all.

Inspiration beyond motivation

As many will know that we have not yet launched in our country; we have already those who are tired and discouraged by the business. We have many downlines who have already “died down” in our teams.

I am hoping that the observations that I put here will re-ignite our passion for the business so that we celebrate equally with AIM Global. As a distributor and a blogger I receive many calls; enquiries as well as complains.

People have complained saying:
1. the absence of the office in South Africa has discouraged them in the business
2. Others say their uplines have just recruited them and dumped them and they dont even know where to find the product.
3. There are these who have uplines outside the country and they can’t receive proper training and they are not able to buy product since the cross lines inside the country are not ready to assist them.
4. Others are complaining that they can’t get paid because they have not linked their banks with the head office.

The list is endless. I joined the business from my up line in Ivory Coast. I figured then that if he sends the product it will be more expensive for me. I needed the business so bad to a point that the hurdle of the absence of the product was nothing compared with the opportunity which I studied from the website.

I spent almost six months only seeing the product from the pictures. I had a few down-lines who also purchased the product without receiving it. What was in our minds was to secure a top spot for the company which is coming to South Africa soon.

We knew that this is a AAA+ company which was already 10 years by then in existence. We wasted no time and we prepared our website as well as our facebook page. awe spent time studying the product and we made presentations on youtube. Not only that we began to write blogs about what we anticipate.

Six months passed with us just laying the foundation. We heard by then that there are teams that have recruited almost 6000 members in South Africa and we collaborated with thise teams. I must say it is difficult to work with someone who has an outside sponsor therefore it was not going to be easy especially that there was no office in South Africa.

We shouldered the successes and blunders as long as the integrity of the company was spared. This we did because we knew that a great thing is coming to South Africa. Long story short; we were saved by Global Ambassador Mr Lebitse even though we were crosslines and not downlines. Then we were in business.

Let me address a subtopic here : Why did our downlines fail?
1. There is a choice at this stage we all need to take. Are we going to be Pioneers or The rest of Us? those who chose to be pioneers are still standing. The business has not launched and there has been a lot of investment from others while others are already in profits.

We always want to come to businesses when there is a crowd. We then hear testimonies of millionaires and we want to be like them. Those millionaires are the pioneers who can shoulder that which made many to quit.

2. The second reason is that it’s a BUSINESS! We sometimes become funny by hoping that Wealth creation is not Business. We want to join a group that will give us money ‘as long as it is not business” We cannot treat this like some kind of community group. We need to know that it is the nature of business to have seasons of profits and seasons of losses.

Let me suggest to you a book by Andrew Griffiths and Wayne Toms: 101 ways to build a successful network marketing business.

Here is a free download

3. We need to go beyond Motivation to Inspiration. Motivation comes from outside but Inspiration comes from within. This is the time where we must walk the talk.

Let me hasten to say, you can’t motivate the dead but you can inspire them back to life. We have turned from downlines to vulture lines. We are waiting for the next one to die in the team so as to have a meal. I say to the leader look at the image below.

Inspiration beyond motivation

This was a dead flower just a week ago and instead of reviving the dead branches it yielded fresh new living branches. This is Inspiration!!!

Inspire your downlines!! They have died beyond motivation. Let them duplicate from your lifestyle in the business.

When there was trouble with stock; we spent time with product knowledge. We taught ourselves how to make videos online. We learned how to do our own banners. We studied wordpress and messenger bots.

We spent time learning how to drive traffic to our websites and pages. This is business. This is Pioneering stage. We spent time even consuming the product to understand what it does to our own bodies. In the process our hearts got healed.

It is because we are in this for a long haul. We have 5 year plans and ten year plans because the business is now 12 years old with 6million distributors. Therefore this is what happens when Inspiration takes over from motivation. 


1. Be a Pioneer
2. This is business
3. Inspire beyond motivation

Hope this helps

God bless.