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After examining the present global challenges and opportunities. the company answered the question: Why join AIM Global; by providing three solutions. These solutions are:

  1. Empowered Consumerism
  2. ED Plan 2.0
  3. Roadmap to Success R2S

We have provided our new ED Plan 2.0 Business Opportunity presentation in both written and video formats in the given links.

1. Empowered Consumerism

When we are fully informed and taught about the products we consume, they are more effective and we begin to pay less for what we use best. AIM Global has an education program that helps your entire family in a wellness program. The Wellness Revolution that came through Empowered Consumerism is a good answer to the question: Why join AIM Global.

Through the Six Pillars of Health lessons; namely: a. The Immune Defence, b. Cognitive Health, c. Energy Maintenance, d. Muskuloskeletal Health, e. Cardio-Vascular Health, and f. Metabolic Health, we have empowered our clients towards the best use of our products.

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2. ED Plan 2.0

AIM Global has provided a stimulus for the pandemic times by providing 7 income streams that are bigger better and faster. The marketing plan makes it easy for broad compensation choices which has the best leveraging within your marketing team.

The Economy Driver Plan 2.0 acknowledges the truth that Africa is indeed leading with numbers when it comes to the fastest-growing region through Network Marketing Industry in the World. ED Plan 2.0 program gives more answers to the question: Why join AIM Global.

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3. R2S program

The road map to success program is the MBA of network marketing. This 10-week zoom program will catapult a beginner to a pro in no time. An arsenal of expert coaches will cheer guide and coach you to immediate success when you consider networking as an alternative income for your family. All these 3 points are an intervention in pandemic times in the midst of the loss of health, work, and loved ones. Is this for you?


Why Join the Aim Global Program

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