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You have no reason to quit your business

You have no reason to quit your business


I joined Alliance in Motion from a presentation of my spiritual son Olivier Agnin who was in Ivory Coast but now in Brazil. I love systems and I had to make sure that I will create systems around my newly found business. A business of now 13 years as I write this article and over 6 million distributors world wide. I am writing this article to say to distributors: You have no reason to quit your business.

I first spent over six months as a faithful consumer of my products; though I read a lot of the benefits from the sellers I had to experience them as a user. From the beginning I had to have realistic goals, measurable and achievable. After I established that I will be using the product well over 10 years given its excellent result, I had to ask myself how can I be able to finish my first five years in the business with no interruptions.

The first thing that make distributors to move from one company to another is the wrong message they received from their upline and sponsors. In most cases the uplines and sponsors pass a message from their upline and sponsors with pure intentions. I have made a video and wrote a blog that whenever you face UPLINE problems you can always run to ONLINE solutions. I further wrote that whenever you face DOWNLINE problems you can always run back to ONLINE solutions. You have no reason to quit the business.

you have no reason to quit this business
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If any company finishes 10 years of good success in the business we have no reason of making it the reason of our quitting business. I want you to know from the onset that I don’t hold on to the myth that anyone can do this business. As you read here I am not expecting you to join the Alliance in Motion business; but I cannot make it the reason of quitting either. If therefore the product is good for me and the company is good for me; why should I make the people surrounding me my reasons of quitting the product and the company? You have no reason to quit your business.

If you have established that you can use a product for 10 years and you can distribute the product to the business survival threshold of 5 years; then you need to build your business survival systems on something that will survive the storms. The next thing you need to ask yourself is; what hobby, business or activity have I successfully done for more than 5 to 10 years? If you find that you can now ask yourself this question: how can wrap around my business to this winning activity? If you can do that then your business will go beyond all the opposition.

Are you a musician? Is there a way where you could wrap around your gigs the promotions of your product? You could be a gymnast or a committed athlete; how about focusing on promoting products that help athletes like you to do better? I have been a writer and blogger for over 10 years. I had to learn how to wrap around my products in the content that make people to build audience around me.

What is it that you have always done better to build a list of people around you? Why don’t you continue with what you have always been best in and then see how you put the product around it. After building that list even if it builds itself naturally around you, you will be taught how to engage your people without loosing them. It is always better to put around them information that will make them to voluntarily click to it than you forcing it on them. It is much easier to engage a prospect who has shown interest than chasing away everyone around you and you are left alone.

you have no reason to quit your business
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Network marketing teaches you to BE YOURSELF and more over to BE YOUR BETTER SELF; so that people will benefit around you. I am learning as a blogger how to do what I have always been doing in a better way so that those who are around me can benefit more from what I was doing from the beginning. I blog on spiritual counsel and daily motivation about life; getting involved with Alliance in Motion products have given me more energy and health to to what I have always been doing better.

I had a severe heart problem that became an obstacle to my work; After using Alliance in Motion products I have become more productive in my work. I have also learned from other networkers how to convey my teachings better online and in the process how to create funnels in my blogs to have people respond to my products. I can say Wellness and Network Marketing came together through Alliance in Motion to make me a better person in what I always did. Therefore you have no reason to quit the business.